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August 6-13 took a trip to Arkansas. Stopped at  Dow and Jenell and Ed and Nancy in Benton, Arkansas for one night. On to Nick's for a week. On Monday we went to see the beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas. Pam's Grotto, which was about a mile hike, and Haw Creek Falls which was just a short walk. Both were beautiful and lots of scenery on the way. We had a really good time but the drive to see them was curvy on Hwy 7. There are hundreds of waterfalls in Arkansas and Nick is trying to see them all. We got a mention in his book of waterfalls. Nick, Nate and Charlie worked on the RC trucks and got them running and tested them out on the ball field in London, Arkansas. More photos in the Gallery click here.

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We were on our way...First stop Benton, Arkansas. We spent 8 nights in Ed and Nancy's yard. We had to boon dock some. We put out our awning and lights and American Flag and Arkansas Flag just like we were at a campground. My sister was coming in from Virginia ( her name also happens to be Virginia) and our niece from Kansas. A potluck was planned for June 24th. Lots of relatives and friends were in attendance. We had a great time telling jokes and getting caught up on our childhood. Charlie and I decorated the gazebo with crape paper and balloons for the occasions and put up some shades to keep out the sun. Our nephew, Allen did all the smoking of meats, boy were they delicious, and everyone else brought a side dish. There was too much food and everyone had to carry some home. On Saturday, June 25th, we headed to Marshall, AR but decided to stop at Russellville, AR and just spend the day with his dad since he wasn't feeling up to company for a long period of time. Nick drove us to Marshall. While in Russellville we stayed at a Corp of Engineers Campground. It was Old Post Road Park Campground (off I-40 Exit 88-truckers route) While in Russellville we were able to keep Nate with us in the RV for 4 days and 3 nights. We also visited Charlie's mom and stepdad in Russellville. Then we took a trip to Fayetteville to see Charlie's sister and spend the day. I was able to fix a meal for Nick on the 29th, which was his birthday. He turned 35. On June 30th, we returned home. The total mileage for this trip was 597.  

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Morton, Mississippi at Roosevelt State Park.....It was our first time to go to the RV Christian Rally in Mississippi. We took along our friends, Morris and Helen (both 90 years old). They stayed at the Motel in the Park and we stayed in our RV. Our spot was #52 (lake side). We have decided if we go back to the park some day that we want to stay at spot #72 or #73. We got there in time to share a meal with everyone (Dickey's Barbeque) supplied by one of the participants. We had some really good food while there. About the only thing we had to fix was our breakfast. We had some really nice folks volunteer to pick up Morris and Helen for us and take them to the functions. We only had the 2 door jeep and didn't know how we were going to get them around to the meeting place. Their room was about a mile and a half from our RV and the fellowship hall. We had a really good time and so did Morris and Helen. We had Dickey's barbeque, potluck(some really fine food), boiled shrimp, hamburger and hot dogs, and catfish. The last night of the Rally we had an auction to raise money for Magnolia Messenger. There was so much stuff that it took 2 hours to auction it all off.

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Was to Arkansas to go camping with our son and daughter-in-law, Nick and Suzanne. It was April 6th and we were headed to Russellville. We stopped in Morrilton to go with Nick to see if there was a spot big enough for our RV where he wanted to camp in Jerusalem/Hector area at Brock Creek. We desperately tried to find one but to no avail. The spots were too small for a 40 footer. We went on to Russellville and parked our RV at Charlie's mom's house.So we then decided to tent camp. Nick took care of all the camping equipment. We supplied the food. On Thursday Nick took us in the forest to go Jeep riding. We spotted some mud and dove right in. It was deep. We had to winch out. We went in about 7 miles and realized our clutch was no longer working. Nick had to walk about 3 miles to get telephone reception. We both had AT&T but Verizon was the telephone for that area. Meanwhile while Charlie and I were waiting for help from outside, Charlie decided to try the clutch again (we were there about 4 hours by this time). It was working and we boogied out of there. When Nick finally got help and came back for us, we were not in the spot where he left us. We spotted another vehicle and decided to follow them. Surely, we thought, they must be getting out of the forest. It didn't appear that way so we flagged them down and used their cell phone. Nick came with the Razor and directed us out. That night we set up camp.

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