Tandem Tow Dolly

Made a quick trip on Tuesday to McAllen, Texas to pick up a tandem tow dolly. Had been looking for several months for one and this was the closest one we could find, still 600 miles away, round trip 1,200 miles. This will allow us to tow the Malibu and carry our Yamaha Striker motorcycle too. McAllen, Texas is a beautiful town. It borders Mexico. While there we were told they have had 81 days of over 100 degrees. The cost of the trailer was $3,000 plus about $150.00 in gas and one night's hotel.

Trip to Julie, Matt and Rainey's September 23, 2016

Trip to Julie, Matt and Rainey's September 23, 2016 to deliver a birthday present for Rainey. Charlie and I made Rainey a doll house for her 18 inch American Girl dolls. It was a fun project and took us a couple of weeks. See all the photos in our gallery http://ctudor.com/node/11 We thought getting it up the stairs would be the hard part because of the size and weight but we ended up having to take some banisters off in order to get it in her bedroom. Charlie replaced the banisters before bedtime.

Trip to Nick's before the start of school for Nate August 2016

August 6-13 took a trip to Arkansas. Stopped at  Dow and Jenell and Ed and Nancy in Benton, Arkansas for one night. On to Nick's for a week. On Monday we went to see the beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas. Pam's Grotto, which was about a mile hike, and Haw Creek Falls which was just a short walk. Both were beautiful and lots of scenery on the way. We had a really good time but the drive to see them was curvy on Hwy 7. There are hundreds of waterfalls in Arkansas and Nick is trying to see them all. We got a mention in his book of waterfalls.

Rivertown RV Campground

Don't really know the price because someone else paid for us. Full hookups, very clean, free wifi, lots of over the air TV, trash pick up every day in front of your RV. Very friendly and helpful people running it. Easy in and out. Within 5 miles of Wal Mart and the freeway.

Grand Gulf Military Park

Nice area, free wifi close to the office. The upper campground definitely nicer than the lower. Free firewood for camp fire. Lots to see and walk around. Lots of history in office area. People really friendly. Quite a ways out. Port Gibson about 10 miles away. Do not take American Express.

Sam Houston State Park

Sites not easy to get in and out of. No close trash cans they were at bathrooms and across at picnic areas. You might see alligators. Creole Trail was a108 miles long nature trail. Park was sort of like a swamp area and rustic but was supposed to be. Very enjoyable trip and we went fishing.

Gulpha Gorge Park (Hot Springs National Park)

Automated check in cash only. No extra parking for towed vehicle or trailer. Technically they don't have any spots. Park ranger let us park our trailer in front of the bathrooms over night. Coleman's Rock Shop was a good place to get crystals. Lots to do around Hot Springs. Rainey and Julie went with us. Rainey enjoyed digging for crystals and Charlie and Julie rode the zipline.

Second visit to this park. We forgot when our first visit was.

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