Trik L Start 5 Amp Charger

Decided not to go with the Bird system it is too complicated (KISS). In 2006 Winnebago started installing this unit. They already have a system to charge the house batteries from the chassis alternator so a bidirectional system is not necessary. and if this is good enough for them then it should work for us.Installed Ultra Trik L Start 5 Amp Starter charger to keep the chassis batteries in good shape.Total cost from $37.90. Everything looked great after installation.

St. Lucie November 2016

Trip to St Lucie was to include a trip to NASA and the Bahamas. The trip to NASA was to watch a launch of a Saturn V rocket on the 4th unfortunately they rescheduled the launch until the 16th and then again until the 19th.  We were also going to go on a two day trip to the Bahamas but we forgot to bring the right documents. Still we had a great time at St. Lucie going to the Manatee Observation and Educational Center, visited Fort Pierce Historical Museum, the Aquarium, and many other activities. We met a great couple from Augusta, Georgia.

Walt Disney World October 2016

Had a great time with Julie, Matt and Rainey at Walt Disney World for 2 whole days. Julie, Matt and Rainey stayed a total of 10 days. Disney World is just as magical as we remembered from 20 years ago. Of course they have added several new parks, like Animal Kingdom, which we visited this time. It was great being with family for a family vacation. Julie made our shirts and planned our activities. We had fast passes and didn't have to wait very long on any ride. Matt bought our dinners at some pretty pricey restaurants.

Meaher State Park

Not your typical state park. More like a commercial campground. It was clean and new. Level paved pull-through sites. Free wi-fi although not consistent. Expensive. Nice boardwalk around small island. Good place to watch fish, birds and nutria. Small beach but we did not go there. Lighted fishing pier. People were catching red fish and blue crab. Saw brown pelicans, seagulls, various birds along with ducks. Didn't see any alligators although we were told there was at least one. Met nice folks at this park from Tennessee. 

Suwanee River State Park

The park was lovely and the trails amazing. It was well cared for. The park ranger was pleasant but really short handed. If you like the sound of trains thru the night, you are in luck. They blow their whistles a lot. Plenty of restrooms all were modernized. All in all a good place to camp. Trails along the Suwanee River were well maintained and informational. There was a really large spring that feeds the river along the trail. We saw a huge Gopher Tortoise in the River. Lots of pretty birds too. 

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