Trip to St Lucie was to include a trip to NASA and the Bahamas. The trip to NASA was to watch a launch of a Saturn V rocket on the 4th unfortunately they rescheduled the launch until the 16th and then again until the 19th.  We were also going to go on a two day trip to the Bahamas but we forgot to bring the right documents. Still we had a great time at St. Lucie going to the Manatee Observation and Educational Center, visited Fort Pierce Historical Museum, the Aquarium, and many other activities. We met a great couple from Augusta, Georgia. Jim and Norma Corbin were camped three spots over from us and attended church at St. Lucie Church of Christ. Saw huge yachts traveling up and down the river through the lock. We ate some good seafood at the downtown St. Lucie Marina with Jim and Norma.  56 photos in Photo Gallery


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