Replaced sway bar end-link grommets

The front sway bar end-link grommets were completely missing when I crawled underneath. Diane and I had been hearing a rattle from underneath the RV. After looking for parts and not finding any without having to wait for a special order  I bought some universal 'Part Masters Suspension Grommets' to see if they would fit. I had to grind (.3") them with a belt sander, but they actually work pretty good. They are a bit thicker than the ones that the book called for, but there was enough threads to get the nut started and then tighten it up.I also lubricated the sway bar bushings as they were super dry.Here are some pictures showing what I did. The part number is K5254 sold for 4.79 and you need 2 packs. Comes with bolts and washers I did not use. Total cost $10.50. The next time I might put polyurethane ones in.

photo photo photo photo

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