Tire monitoring system repeater

We have had our EEZRV TPMS system for 4 + years and I can't remember the last time we got in the motorhome and all 10  tires would read. I think the problem is all the metal. After a lot of research it seems the best solution would be to add a repeater but after spending so much money on the system it was hard to spend more money to make it work like it should have to start with. Well it's time to either buy a different system or try the repeater. I installed the repeater in the draw by the bed in the back, I wanted it out of the way but not too hard to get to the reset button or unplug from power. Hope this corrects the problem. Purchased direct from EEZRV on sale for $49.00. It being on sale helped with the decision. As soon as we turned it on all he tires started reading. We are keeping our fingers crossed will let you know if we are disappointed. Well after the first trip I now have a good system, worked great.

photo photo photo photo

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