Replaced the two Walmart batteries with Sure Start batteries from O'Reilly Auto Parts. 12 mouth free replacement. Also replaced the hold down strap with one so the water can be checked without removing it.


battery strap    new battery strap

Repaired compartment cover in bedroom in front of closet.

Had kit on board need to order new one.

Replaced the smoke detector in front of RV and added a new one in the bedroom. 

resistor block

Repair blower motor resistor for chassis air. The fan would only run on high, I've had this trouble before in cars so I knew where to look. I actually had this same thing go out about two years ago and replaced the resistor block at that time. At that time found out this part is not available from Winnebago any more and didn't think to call Friegthliner don't know why. Anyway went down to Auto-zone and found Dorman 973-013 Blower Motor Resistor it was off a ford truck. It was about $14.00. Most of the time I ran with the blower on high so I was surprised when it went out so soon. Pulled the resistor block out and all the little coils were still in tack so put an ohm meter across them and they were good. The only place current did not go thru was the Therma Fuse. The next problem is finding the right one the one from the ford must have been too cold. After about an hour on the internet could not find the correct temperature rating, called Winnebago and Freightliner and they could not tell me, probably just did not talk to the right person. Someone knows but they sell the part as a unit. So I gave it a shot in the dark and ordered 133 degree Celsius (5 of them for $5.00 including shipping). Now for the repair, thought about soldering the new in using heat sinks but the forms say even with heat sinks you run the risk of getting it to hot. So I drilled out the holes and crimped it in.

The right front jack was bend a little making it hard to retract. It got bad enough to replace. A while back we bought a used one for the front because we though it was leaking turned out not to be the case. So I put it back on and it works fine now.

jack working on jack

Final did it, drove off with the antenna up. First low tree limb broke the elevator tube and gear. Order new parts from Windguard. Could have repaired the elevator tube but the new one was only $11 so I just ordered them. It was the shipping and tax that added to the cost. Was easy to repair from the top of the motorhome. Total cost 31.46


The indicator that tells you the jacks are down quit working all of a sudden. It showed that the back two jacks were up all the time. First indications was that the controller was not working -going to put that repair off-. While cleaning out the electric compartment I decided to remove a wire I had run for the lube pump and noticed that some wires had been chewed by something. Repaired the wires and the jack indicators are working now. Sometimes you just get lucky.

wire chewed

Needed brake controller for tandem tow dolly. Was looking for easy to install proportional system and decided to install Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller purchased from total cost $117.00. Was an easy installation since Freightliner had prewired the chassis. 


Decided not to go with the Bird system it is too complicated (KISS). In 2006 Winnebago started installing this unit. They already have a system to charge the house batteries from the chassis alternator so a bidirectional system is not necessary. and if this is good enough for them then it should work for us.Installed Ultra Trik L Start 5 Amp Starter charger to keep the chassis batteries in good shape.Total cost from $37.90. Everything looked great after installation.

photo photo

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