Some time ago the bird bi-directional charger stopped working and now the aux start relay stopped working.Had to fix one of them. I disconnected the negative battery lead on both banks to ground making certain all voltage is off the solenoid. Removed the cover and the bezel to gain access.  After that it was just a matter of swapping out the old one with the new one. Found the OME replacement Trombetta 12 Volt Bear DC Contactor Part No. 114-1211-020 on $59.37 I have not made up my mind on replacing the Bird system yet.

photo photo photo photo photo photo

We have had our EEZRV TPMS system for 4 + years and I can't remember the last time we got in the motorhome and all 10  tires would read. I think the problem is all the metal. After a lot of research it seems the best solution would be to add a repeater but after spending so much money on the system it was hard to spend more money to make it work like it should have to start with. Well it's time to either buy a different system or try the repeater. I installed the repeater in the draw by the bed in the back, I wanted it out of the way but not too hard to get to the reset button or unplug from power. Hope this corrects the problem. Purchased direct from EEZRV on sale for $49.00. It being on sale helped with the decision. As soon as we turned it on all he tires started reading. We are keeping our fingers crossed will let you know if we are disappointed. Well after the first trip I now have a good system, worked great.

photo photo photo photo

The front sway bar end-link grommets were completely missing when I crawled underneath. Diane and I had been hearing a rattle from underneath the RV. After looking for parts and not finding any without having to wait for a special order  I bought some universal 'Part Masters Suspension Grommets' to see if they would fit. I had to grind (.3") them with a belt sander, but they actually work pretty good. They are a bit thicker than the ones that the book called for, but there was enough threads to get the nut started and then tighten it up.I also lubricated the sway bar bushings as they were super dry.Here are some pictures showing what I did. The part number is K5254 sold for 4.79 and you need 2 packs. Comes with bolts and washers I did not use. Total cost $10.50. The next time I might put polyurethane ones in.

photo photo photo photo

We added a 12 volt outlet in the water compartment for our Flo Jet RV Waste Pump. We purchased this a couple of years ago so we could empty our tanks at the house using clean out drain that is on the side of our house. Very helpful if you have company and have to use the RV for an extra bedroom for guests. Autozone 12 volt outlet $4.68


Time for some touchup and rust prevention.

photo photo photo photo photo photo

Those pesky sensors. Well our motorhome is eleven years old. Could not find any real good trouble shooting information on the forums other than replace the system. I was looking for information about voltage at the sensors or at least  how to differentiate a sensor problem from a circuit board problem. So since the grey water indicator was working I decided to hook it up to the black water indicator. The black water then read right. The problem then must be with the sensor on the black water tank itself. But before I purchased new sensors I wanted to check which one of the three tank sensors was bad. They are hooked in series so I opened the connections so I could test them individually and when I did they started working. Must have been a bad connection in one of them. Any open circuit will cause it to read empty all the time. Put everything back together. Hope this was the problem will follow up later.

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Just purchased collapsible ladder for motorhome. Awnings get stuck, outside lights needs replacing, putting up decorations and lighting, all sorts of things. We purchased the 6 ft one instead of the 7 ft one to make sure we could use it on the inside as well. Well worth the investment. These compact ladders fit nicely in the cargo area. Although we saw this ladder on Camping World we found a better deal on Amazon with free shipping. Check out the Camping World video. It is as easy and nice as it looks in this video.

photo photophoto

The original flag pole buddy we bought from Camping World came with a 22 ft fiberglass section pole. The sections would collapse and flags would get tangled around the pole because of the way the flag holders were made. Harbor Freight had their 20 ft aluminum flagpole on sale for $28.00. It had a much better locking system for the sections and ring system for the flag holder it is made really well. The base of the flag was about 1/4 inch too big for the base cup of the flag pole buddy system so Diane came up with the idea of using a PVC sewer adapter to hold the pole. We had to modify the adapter a little bit to fit the flagpole base and drill a hole in it so the original bolt would not allow it to hop off while on the road.

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Made a quick trip on Tuesday to McAllen, Texas to pick up a tandem tow dolly. Had been looking for several months for one and this was the closest one we could find, still 600 miles away, round trip 1,200 miles. This will allow us to tow the Malibu and carry our Yamaha Striker motorcycle too. McAllen, Texas is a beautiful town. It borders Mexico. While there we were told they have had 81 days of over 100 degrees. The cost of the trailer was $3,000 plus about $150.00 in gas and one night's hotel.


At first some of the digits on the left controller stop working, and then they all went out. Seems this is a common problem for sleep number. After trying some internet remedies that almost worked I called the factory and found out they have a twenty year warranty but it is prorated so they only covered 50% of the replaced cost. Got the new pump in it took about two weeks. The new unit comes with one wireless control.

A summary of the job:

  1. Removing four screws at the head-end of the bed platform
  2. Remove the wood-grain panel on the bed side of the little table
  3. Reach inside of the mattress following the air tubes until you get to the fitting where it plugs into the air bladder. Squeeze the keeper to release the fitting and pull hose out
  4. Pull air tubes and controls up into the compartment so you can remove the pump/control box
  5. Feed air tubes and controls through the gap in the compartment and pull out slack
  6. Hook up air tubes to the mattress (pay attention to Left and Right!)
  7. Put it back together.

Total cost $159.00

photo photo

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