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Made a quick trip in the car to Matt, Julie and Rainey's for Thanksgiving. Stayed until Sunday.

Trip to St Lucie was to include a trip to NASA and the Bahamas. The trip to NASA was to watch a launch of a Saturn V rocket on the 4th unfortunately they rescheduled the launch until the 16th and then again until the 19th.  We were also going to go on a two day trip to the Bahamas but we forgot to bring the right documents. Still we had a great time at St. Lucie going to the Manatee Observation and Educational Center, visited Fort Pierce Historical Museum, the Aquarium, and many other activities. We met a great couple from Augusta, Georgia. Jim and Norma Corbin were camped three spots over from us and attended church at St. Lucie Church of Christ. Saw huge yachts traveling up and down the river through the lock. We ate some good seafood at the downtown St. Lucie Marina with Jim and Norma.  56 photos in Photo Gallery

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Had a great time with Julie, Matt and Rainey at Walt Disney World for 2 whole days. Julie, Matt and Rainey stayed a total of 10 days. Disney World is just as magical as we remembered from 20 years ago. Of course they have added several new parks, like Animal Kingdom, which we visited this time. It was great being with family for a family vacation. Julie made our shirts and planned our activities. We had fast passes and didn't have to wait very long on any ride. Matt bought our dinners at some pretty pricey restaurants. We especially enjoyed the dessert party, which gave us access to a great view of the fireworks and we were comfortably seated at our table. My favorite was the show It's tough being a bug. Charlie rode the fast roller coasters with Julie. We all rode the water ride twice and got soaking wet. Disney keeps everything freshly painted, clean and in pristine condition. Not even the smallest detail is overlooked. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy Disney World. Photos coming soon.Oh by the way, we stayed at Fort Wilderness Campground on Disney property. All transportation provided to all the Disney parks. By boat, monorail and bus. 255 photos in Photo Gallery

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This year we came a day earlier so we could enjoy the shrimp feast. The shrimp was provided by Jerry Grimmett. He brought 150 pounds. There was boiled, fried and spicy fried with all the fixings. Later on there was etouffee. On Thursday we had award winning chili cooked and provided by Randy and Connie Henry. Then on Friday we had fried catfish provided by Glen Franks. It was all so delicious. Also we had some great desserts and homemade dishes to accent all the meals.The camp song was "God's Family."  We met new people and made great friends including George and Sherry Strickland,  Garnett and Betty Harris, Randy and Connie Henry, Harry and Betty Barkley and many others. Charlie also took 116 photos that are in our gallery. 

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Trip to Julie, Matt and Rainey's September 23, 2016 to deliver a birthday present for Rainey. Charlie and I made Rainey a doll house for her 18 inch American Girl dolls. It was a fun project and took us a couple of weeks. See all the photos in our gallery http://ctudor.com/node/11 We thought getting it up the stairs would be the hard part because of the size and weight but we ended up having to take some banisters off in order to get it in her bedroom. Charlie replaced the banisters before bedtime.

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