Auxiliary start relay

Some time ago the bird bi-directional charger stopped working and now the aux start relay stopped working.Had to fix one of them. I disconnected the negative battery lead on both banks to ground making certain all voltage is off the solenoid. Removed the cover and the bezel to gain access.  After that it was just a matter of swapping out the old one with the new one. Found the OME replacement Trombetta 12 Volt Bear DC Contactor Part No. 114-1211-020 on $59.37 I have not made up my mind on replacing the Bird system yet.

Magnolia Messenger RV Rally October 2016

This year we came a day earlier so we could enjoy the shrimp feast. The shrimp was provided by Jerry Grimmett. He brought 150 pounds. There was boiled, fried and spicy fried with all the fixings. Later on there was etouffee. On Thursday we had award winning chili cooked and provided by Randy and Connie Henry. Then on Friday we had fried catfish provided by Glen Franks. It was all so delicious.

Salmon Lake RV Park

The campground is nice, roads are sandy, grass spots. This time we stayed at a 30 amp spot. 50 amps are available for $27.00 per night, plenty of spots. Spots are roomy, limited OTA, no Wi-fi or cable. Pretty scenery, old town building, cabins rustic. Owners pleasant and accommodating. Trash picked up regularly. This was our third time to visit this park.

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