Morton, Mississippi at Roosevelt State Park.....It was our first time to go to the RV Christian Rally in Mississippi. We took along our friends, Morris and Helen (both 90 years old). They stayed at the Motel in the Park and we stayed in our RV. Our spot was #52 (lake side). We have decided if we go back to the park some day that we want to stay at spot #72 or #73. We got there in time to share a meal with everyone (Dickey's Barbeque) supplied by one of the participants. We had some really good food while there. About the only thing we had to fix was our breakfast. We had some really nice folks volunteer to pick up Morris and Helen for us and take them to the functions. We only had the 2 door jeep and didn't know how we were going to get them around to the meeting place. Their room was about a mile and a half from our RV and the fellowship hall. We had a really good time and so did Morris and Helen. We had Dickey's barbeque, potluck(some really fine food), boiled shrimp, hamburger and hot dogs, and catfish. The last night of the Rally we had an auction to raise money for Magnolia Messenger. There was so much stuff that it took 2 hours to auction it all off.


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