We were on our way...First stop Benton, Arkansas. We spent 8 nights in Ed and Nancy's yard. We had to boon dock some. We put out our awning and lights and American Flag and Arkansas Flag just like we were at a campground. My sister was coming in from Virginia ( her name also happens to be Virginia) and our niece from Kansas. A potluck was planned for June 24th. Lots of relatives and friends were in attendance. We had a great time telling jokes and getting caught up on our childhood. Charlie and I decorated the gazebo with crape paper and balloons for the occasions and put up some shades to keep out the sun. Our nephew, Allen did all the smoking of meats, boy were they delicious, and everyone else brought a side dish. There was too much food and everyone had to carry some home. On Saturday, June 25th, we headed to Marshall, AR but decided to stop at Russellville, AR and just spend the day with his dad since he wasn't feeling up to company for a long period of time. Nick drove us to Marshall. While in Russellville we stayed at a Corp of Engineers Campground. It was Old Post Road Park Campground (off I-40 Exit 88-truckers route) While in Russellville we were able to keep Nate with us in the RV for 4 days and 3 nights. We also visited Charlie's mom and stepdad in Russellville. Then we took a trip to Fayetteville to see Charlie's sister and spend the day. I was able to fix a meal for Nick on the 29th, which was his birthday. He turned 35. On June 30th, we returned home. The total mileage for this trip was 597.  


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