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First Trip in Motorhome since retirement April 7th – 10th 2016

Was to Arkansas to go camping with our son and daughter-in-law, Nick and Suzanne. It was April 6th and we were headed to Russellville. We stopped in Morrilton to go with Nick to see if there was a spot big enough for our RV where he wanted to camp in Jerusalem/Hector area at Brock Creek. We desperately tried to find one but to no avail. The spots were too small for a 40 footer. We went on to Russellville and parked our RV at Charlie’s mom’s house.So we then decided to tent camp. Nick took care of all the camping equipment. We supplied the food. On Thursday Nick took us in the forest to go Jeep riding. We spotted some mud and dove right in. It was deep. We had to winch out. We went in about 7 miles and realized our clutch was no longer working. Nick had to walk about 3 miles to get telephone reception. We both had AT&T but Verizon was the telephone for that area. Meanwhile while Charlie and I were waiting for help from outside, Charlie decided to try the clutch again (we were there about 4 hours by this time). It was working and we boogied out of there. When Nick finally got help and came back for us, we were not in the spot where he left us. We spotted another vehicle and decided to follow them. Surely, we thought, they must be getting out of the forest. It didn’t appear that way so we flagged them down and used their cell phone. Nick came with the Razor and directed us out. That night we set up camp.

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