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Costa Rica (not in the RV) day 1-4

Costa Rica (not in the RV) day 1-4

Costa Rica trip day 1 at San Jose at Double Tree

Costa Rica trip day 2-4 Puerto Viejo de Talamanca beachfront house at Punta Uva Beach on the east coast

From there we visited the Jaguar Rescue Center. Rehabitation center for all types of monkeys and birds and various animals. There wasn’t a Jaguar there at the time. All the animals were released at night and believe it or not returned on their own. Only one animal was not allowed to leave, a very bad ocelot who liked the locals chickens. Charlie tried snokeling on the corral reefs but the ocean was too rough and he had to give it up. We also visited the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica and saw how they cared for sloths injured by men. Day 5-7 coming in the next post. These are our favorite 8 pictures but you can view all our pictures in our gallery.

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